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This is on my work bench at the moment (I'll be back next month);

Revell Sd.Kfz.7/1

More Panzer II - this time from Ace

... a tiny S-Model SdKfz 13/14
... and of course some more screamin' kelts

MK72 1/72 Zugkraftwagen 1t (Sd.Kfz.10) Demag Typ "D7" - Kit.No.07202 - Build´n´Paint Review

This is a review of a model I build some time ago; the MK72 1/72 Zugkraftwagen 1t (Sd.Kfz.10) Demag Typ "D7". I wanted to build this model as kind of a prologue to my Sd.Kfz.250 project because the Sd.Kfz.10 is the blueprint of the Sd.Kfz.250 family. And because I really really like the MK72 models.

First a little history

Kniepkamp's Strassenzugmascine MSZ 201

In the late 1920s Dipl.Ing. Ernst Kniepkamp of the Heereswaffen Amt teamed up with Munich based Maffei and created the halftracked MSZ 201.

The MSZ 201 had a very complicated system where wheel axles could be changed for better terrain performance.

Citroen Kegresse 1924 halftrack

 Eventually it was the Citroen Kegresse halftrack system with a front driven sprocket, a rear idler wheel and smaller road wheels that proved to be the most reliable constuction.

Later in 1932 it was decided to split contracts to companies like Demag, Famo, Büssing NAG, Krauss-Maffei in order to produce a series of Zugkraftwagens from the lighter 1t Demag "D7" to the heavier types like Famo 18t Sd.Kfz.9.

Designed for towing artillery pieces the Demag "D7" quickly got many other jobs; poison gas detection or distribution, different Flak configurations and many field applications.

Around 14.000 of these halftracks were produced from 1938 to the very end of World War II.

Sd.Kfz.10 with 2cm Flak, Behelfspanzerung (armoured engine and cab) and ammunitions trailer
Sd.Kfz.10 with poison gas system - this was later removed and the vehicle used for munitions transport and
even later with Nebelwerfer rocket launchers


You can get the Sd.Kfz.10 in any colour - as long as it is grey...
Almost ten years ago this company owned by modeller Peter Kuonen based in Schwitzerland released its first kit; the 1/72 scale Zugkraftwagen 1t (Sd.Kfz.10) Demag Typ "D7". In this scale you could only get the short-run kit from Ace which was ok then.

After this release MK72 made just a handfull of new kits (see my reviews here of the Sd.Kfz. 250 Ausf. A and Sd.Kfz.250 Ausf.B ) and unfortunately now it seems that Peter has stopped releasing any more MK72 kits. This to me is a huge shame because MK72 made some very nice models indeed.

The MK72 1/72 scale Zugkraftwagen 1t Demag "D7" or Sd.Kfz.10 has almost 100 light brown parts (sometimes light grey). Plastic quality is very much like Revell or Dragon which is nice. Details are very good, crisp and realistic. There is very little flash, very little mold lines and just a couple of ejector marks (the most annoying being on the front wheels); overall a high quality kit like the other MK72 kits that I have built.

One detail that I like very much is the fact that the front (hood and sides) are in one piece. I believe this makes a better result and much easier to construct.

I think the parts setup is the same in the Mk72 Sd.Kfz.10 DAK kit at least I'm left with a lot of Jerry cans and a nice mounting rack.

Tracks are very good and that super nice kind that lets you fold each track around idler and drive wheels give it a bit of realistic slack and then glue the whole thing in place. Be careful this construction can break.

Decals give you several options that are not covered in the instructions. Check out your references if you want to go for any other than the basic grey version because that is the only one you get (on the back of the box..).

Instructions look like they are pretty easy to follow; no floating parts or fancy CAD designs here. Anyway enough theoretical stuff; lets do some modelling.

Building and Painting

I am impressed how fast this model builds; I think it took an hour or so from start to finish even with the time used sanding away a couple of ejector marks.

When you remove the radiator grill form the fret be careful not to cut off the lid for the cooling fluid.

I added a bit of texture to the seats and the folded canvas (using Mr.Surfacer 500 - normal plastic glue also does the job).

I found it necessary to study instructions very carefully before assembling the road wheels. In this scale it is quite possible to make stupid little mistakes.

There is a nice option if you want to build and paint the tracks seperately because these go on and single part that is then glued to the undercarriage. This is especially appealing if you want a dirty looking Sd.Kfz.10.

Another nice option is the choice between normal headlights and headlights with night covers.

Painting was done using my normal method of Tamiya German Grey and a wash of black and umber oils followed by some very light dry brushing. Details were picked out with Humbrol enamels.

I still need to add some width indicators and a window screen...

Overall I would say that this is a four stars model...


I think it could have been five stars but those ejector marks weren't too good. Perhaps some more painting options would have been nice too. But great big plusses for a very very easy build.

Friday, 28 June 2019

Ace 1/72 Armoured Munitions Carrier Sd.Kfz.252 - Kitno. 72238 - Build'n'Paint Review

This is my review of the Ace 1/72 scale Armoured Munitions Carrier Sd.Kfz.252. This is part of my Sd.Kfz.250 project that I have been posting about for the last couple of weeks. First is a short introduction to the history of the Sd.Kfz.252 and then I'll go through the modelling session.

Remarks on the history of the Sd.Kfz.252

The Sd.Kfz.252 with Sd.Anh. 32 in its main role as a munitions carrier for the Stug battalions
The idea of the Stug or Sturmgeschütz was born long before the Second World War; already during the First World War it was discovered that the infantry need mobile and armoured backup in order to break through heavily fortified positions without insane losses.

Sd.Kfz. 252 - two years after its production ceased...
The Stugs were designed to do just that but they also needed some armoured carriers in order to bring them sufficient ammunition without the vulnerability of soft skinned trucks. Due to delays in the development of the Sd.Kfz.250 programme the Stug batteries initially used turretless Panzer Kampfwagen I as munitions carriers until the first Sd.Kfz.252s where ready for the campaign in Western Europe 1940.

See my review of the S-Model Pz I Munitions carriers here
Like the other members of the Sd.Kfz.250 family the Sd.Kfz.252 was based on the Demag Sd.Kfz. 10 chasis. The Sd.Kfz.252 was crewed by two personel and it often carried the Sd.Anh. 32 (Germ. Sonder Anhänger - Special Trailer). It had a range of 320km on road (half in terrain) and a top speed of 65kmh. More than 400 units were made until production stopped in 1941 to be replaced by the leichter Munitionspanzerwagen Sd.Kfz.250/6.

Sd.Kfz.252 from 210 Sturmgeschütz Abteilung; Eastern Front 1942
Reloading 75mm ammo into the Stug...

The Model

The Armoured Munitions Carrier Sd.Kfz. 252 is another short-production-run from Ukraine based Ace-Models. One problem I discovered right after opening the box was that it had no photo-etched tracks as promised on the box. I don't know if the box print is wrong or if this kit should have photo-etched tracks. Still rather confusing and somewhat annoying.

This kit contains around 100 light grey parts on five frets. Be aware that this IS a SHORT RUN model which means that you'll have to do A LOT of CLEANING. Further you shouldn't expect very fine detail from these kits. Why they still cost the same or even more than "normal" kits I do not understand.

Expect to do a lot of correction as sprue gates often are interfering with the parts. However the general lay out of this kit is good and I suspect with some work this will eventually build into a nice representation of the Sd.Kfz. 252 - the only model in 1/72 scale by the way.

Driver's visors are wrong though; the kit has Einheitsehschlitzen that were introduced around the time when the Sd.Kfz.252 was discontinued. I had some nice visors from an S-Model PzKpfw kit that I used instead. However I guess that it is not entirely impossible that some Sd.Kfz.252s where retro fitted some time down the road but I haven't seen any pictures yet.

The kit has some nice extra parts - as Ace kits often have - like rifles, smgs, gas mask containers, but again don't expect perfect quality.

Black rubber tracks - hmm I certainly would have liked to try those photo-etched tracks...

Decals are quite yellowed but this hasn't been a great problem before. Ace's decals usually are of a very good quality and these do look nice giving you options for three different Stug batteries and one Marder. License plates are the nn-type.

Instructions are the usual kind from Ace. You get one page and thats it - some parts seem to fly a bit too much so you might need some extra references. As I mentioned you get four options all in RAL 7016 dark grey paint scheme of course.

Building and Painting

When, oh, when do I remember to take pictures from the building proces and not to delete those couple of photos that I did get...

Anyway building things model wasn't a walk in the park; I had to do a lot of knuckle busting work. But it does have some good things going like the possibility of open visors and hatches (but not those big rear ones - easy fix though). Remember not to open too much because the interior is very very sparse indeed.

Fitting parts can be tricky so you have to do some dry fitting. Having finished the model I would say that this does make a very nice looking Sd.Kfz. 252 right out of the box; everything seems to be there like the lifting hooks on the engine cover, visors with double slits, tools, notek light etc.

And the little Sd. Anh. 32 trailer completes the model. As I build this I couldn't think of any stuff to add (except perhaps for some handles on the trailer lids). And of course a great potential for some super nerdy interior scratch building.

I painted the Ace 1/72 Munitions Carrier Sd.Kfz. 252 in my usual Tamiya Dark Grey and then I picked out the details like tracks and tools and did a total wash/filter of Winsor & Newton black and umber oils.

And finally decals which behaved great by the way (I hardly notice the yellowing anymore).

And that was it...

This was a tough build for a non-builder-modeller but it was ok. At some point this model begins to make a lot of sense; almost beautiful in the way it evolves from those sometimes weird looking plastic pieces into a tiny Sd.Kfz. 252. What was those photo-etched tracks all about ? Well I don't know but they sure as hell would have looked nice...

I wouldn't recommend these short-run kits form Ace to inexperienced modellers - but to anyone who is nuts about german halftracks this is a must...

Dimensions are on point:

Real height 1660 mm = 23.0 mm in 1/72 - Model 23 mm
Real length 4560 mm = 63.3 mm in 1/72 - Model 63,5 mm

Real width 1945 mm = 27.0 mm in 1/72  - Model 27.3 mm


Left to right: MK72, Ace, S-Model